Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here Comes The Bride

Hello World
It's me again. Wow I am so bad when it comes to this blog. Im sure most of you have stopped coming by to see if I have updated, but here I am. Life has taken such a wild ride this last few months. All for the good I might add. I got married! Yep its true. I can barely believe it myself, but it finally happened. I had to keep so much of my life private for so long that if feels good to finally be able to come forward and blog about anything I want. Davids divorce went through last summer and it was so nice to be rid of the wicked witch. My divorce soon followed and we made wedding plans. We had a lovely service in the meditation garden of a local church and honeymooned in Gettysburg PA. Those of you who remember me from my previous blog you know it is my favorite place to go, and David shares my love for the area so we couldnt think of a more perfect place to spend our first days as man and wife...We are home now and settling into a work routine and thinking ahead to the holidays..Hopefully I can find some fun things to blog about and really put some time and effort into this blog now that I am free to do so without worry that his ex will use it against him in court..For now I will leave you with a photos of us on our wedding day

Monday, July 9, 2012


Look what we just adopted! Her name is Gypsy and she is about five weeks old. Her mom was a stray and had the kittens under my daughters deck, she didnt know about them until last week, During a heavy rain the daughter rescued the babies and brought them in the house. Mom wont come in so she has been feeding them. We went by yesterday and fell in love with this little beauty, so she is now ours.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Legal Matters

I hired a lawyer yesterday! Should have my legal seperation papers for the hubby to sign in a few days. Once we get that taken care of it is just a matter of finishing up the money for the divorce. As soon as I can come up with 500.00 it can be filed with the courts..From there it will probably be finished in a week or so.Then David and I will set a wedding date. We would love to get married in Gettysburg at this bridge..

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Catching everyone up

Ok now that I am officially back, I thought I should publish a post on what has been happening in my life for hmmmmm the last two years since I closed my other blog. Ok well I won't bore you with the last two years lol.

Just a quick run down of the highlights...Ok lets see...First and most important. David is finally divorced. It has been a long long two years. His ex gave us a rough time and that is the main reason that I havent posted even the most mundane things because she just didnt need to be in our business. Now if for some reason she reads this blog then so be it. There is nothing she can say or do.

Second main thing is I go Monday to start my divorce. We havent had the money to do it (really still don't but its time), Mine should only take a couple of months. My ex knows I am happy and he is happy for me, it is just a matter of signing the papers.

Third main thing is I changed jobs. Im now working for a local chain drug store, which I will never talk about by name and don't really plan to talk about my co workers but may occasionally mention some customers by refering to them as a "customer", since  we do have a few amusing ones

Ok that it is..Look out world...I'm back!

Surprise, it's me!

Hello Blog world. I doubt any of my old followers are still out there but Im going to give it one more shot at blogging. I have not had a daily blog in over two years due to lots of personal stuff going on and have really missed blogging. Finally those problems have been taken care of and life is as normal as it is going to get so here I am....