Saturday, March 26, 2011

Who'd have known

Who’d have known that five gallons of white paint could make such a difference. The trailer is actually looking pretty good these days. Once we got it cleaned and the walls painted we felt like we had hope to make this place a real home. All the curtains I had from the apt. fit here with the exception of the kitchen which has huge windows. I managed to find some I liked at a local discount store and with everything in place even I had to admit it is starting to feel like home. I have a few more things to hang on the walls but for the most part the front rooms are finished. Our biggest obstical so far has been getting insurance. The company I choose is a nationwide chain, cheap rates, good service and a royal pain in the butt. I’ve been trying for two weeks now to get the paper work in order, I was told they would do it, not a problem. Then I was told they needed photos, and the person they used was sick, could I take photos and send them to them. Sure not a problem, snap snap, in they go, Then I get a call. Oh you don’t have back steps, you need back steps. So off into the hood we go to “borrow” a set. Snap snap, more photos, Ohhh sorry those won’t work, you need steps with a hand rail. so off to the hardware store we go to build a hand rail. Snap snap, more photos. Ohhh sorry, you must have permanent steps not removable steps. Ok now wait just a darn minute here. First of all this is a TRAILER,  a 1984 bluemoon damn metal trailer. The kind that uses metal TRAILER steps. I do not want nor do I plan on building a deck at my back door. I tried to very calmly explain to this idiot on the phone that we are not handicap, nor do we have small children. I honestly don’t think we will EVER use this door. The company’s logic is we might open the door at night and fall out. Come on give me a break. To my knowledge I have no sleep disorder that causes me to sleep walk, and I know that I am not going to dream that I have a pool in my yard and that I am going to use the trailer to dive into it. Grrrr. She promised to have an agent call the underwriter one more time. That was Thursday. I plan on calling a new company on Monday.

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Cindy Wimmer Muse said...

Those insurance companies get you coming and going. I suppose all those things could happen but do we all need to install open roofs in case we decide one day we can fly???