Thursday, September 15, 2011

Catching up

It seems every time I sit down at this blog it is to only catch up with what has been happening since the last time I blogged. BORING. I really need to find my muse again and write. When I had my other blog I found myself writing about things. Not just gibberish. So lets see the boring stuff is. I haven't done anything but work and sleep.
The somewhat interesting stuff is:
Hurricane Irene blew though our area about three weeks ago, leaving a mess. Being in a mobile home we were smart enough to GET OUT. We had several days warning so we packed an over night bag, grabbed our cats and went to stay with my mom. Thankfully she is only a few miles away and in a much sturdier home. We settled in to what we hoped would only be an over night stay Not to be. FIVE days later we finally got to go home.
The wind from the storm had knocked a branch down from the tree in the empty lot behind us. It hit both the electric wires and the roof of our trailer. The transformer blew and so did power.
While we were waiting for the power company to come out, we cleaned both our yard and my moms.
She had also lost a huge tree branch, but thankfully hers did not hit anything.
Once we got the yards cleaned it was just a sit back and wait. We enjoyed time with mom and she really enjoyed spoiling our kitten. Really spoiling our kitten!! She fed him constantly PEOPLE FOOD. We do not feed our cat people food. It got to be funny after a few days because she babied this cat.
He quickly learned people food taste good and followed her around meowing. She would talk to him and announce that he must be hungry because he was meowing, so she would find him some type of tidbit to eat. I am not kidding I know that cat must have gained at lest two pounds that week.
(enjoying the last bite of dip from the jar)
Needless to say when we got home we were tired and the kitten was missing his 'grandma' because it was back to dry food..


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Grandmas are for spoiling cats as well as children. At least you know who to call if you ever need someone to babysit the cat.

KathyA said...

And there you are!!

Love the "Free Tree" sign and am glad you escaped without more damage. Many around here were w/o power for about a week.

Kitties are meant to be spoiled. :)