Friday, April 8, 2011

Things that make me go Hmm

My first bill for my cable/telephone came today, and I have to tell you that I was a bit taken back by the amount. It was almost double what I had expected. When I called to question why I had an extra 50 dollars due I was informed that it was a "standard" charge for installation. Hmmmm I thought to myself. isn't it funny that the young lady who set up the appointment and quoted me the price when I went in to ask for installation just "forgot" to mention that they charged this. Not a good way for the local company to do business in my eyes. I live on a very tight budget and now I have to pay out money I had not counted on.  Oh well guess it has to be paid.
On the bright side I am enjoying my week off, but it is going much to fast. I can't believe it is Friday already. I did manage to get out in my yard and plant some gladiolus bulbs. I hope they come up this year. The yard itself is in as bad of shape as the trailer was when we moved in and I know it will be next spring before it is in any kind of shape. I just don't understand why it is that some people do not take pride in there home and yard. Just because this is a trailer park and not a million dollar neighborhood is no excuse. I won't even begin to talk about how run down some of the homes in here are. Each to there own I suppose but I don't plan on living like I am a slum somewhere. Ok enough said.
My mom and my son came for a visit a few days ago. Mom had not seen the trailer at all and my son had not seen it since before we moved in. He couldn't believe how much we had done to it. He really didn't want me to buy it when he saw it the first time, but I think now he is feeling different about it.  Mom of course sat with me on the couch and dreamed of laminate wood floors throughout and pretty white kitchen cabinets. I guess it must be a girl thing.
My sweetie and I have managed to get in a little geo-caching this week. We always have fun with that, and have plans this evening to attend a pot luck for the local cachers in our area. Last I checked about 100 people had signed up to go. I got up early this morning and baked corn muffins. Chili is the main dish for tonight along with some awards for how many finds people have done. It should be fun.
Tomorrow morning will find us on the road, we are heading to North Carolina for the weekend to visit David's sister and her family. It's suppose to be a beautiful weekend and I am looking forward to the trip. We will be back late Sunday night. I still have Monday off but then it is back to the real world. I'm not ready. Sigh!
Anyway I have been trying to remember the last few post to put a couple of photos of the inside of my house on here so everyone can see what it looked like before what it looks like now so here they are..Catch you in a few days
Living room walls before

dirty carpet and walls (before)

This was my bedroom wall

Had to replace all the plugs they were falling out of the wall

Looking at the same front door with walls painted

Where did the nail holes go?

Wow we have a clean kitchen

Just a few of my chickens


Betsy from Tennessee said...

Oh Patty, You MUST read my blog today...We just went round and round with our telephone company (Frontier) about costs I had been quoted... They LIED.....

Sounds like you went through something similar... I just don't understand why people cannot be HONEST.

Hope you have a great trip.

Sea Witch said...

Wow, you have made the room look lovely. If you haven't said it was a mobile home, I wold have never known. So glad you swam by my blog today. Hope to see you often. Sea Witch

Deborah Wilson said...

Patty, it's looking so much better! Have a safe trip and I'l catch up with you next week. Hopefully I can find something to get into this weekend!

kim said...

It looks amazing Patty! I am so glad you are back I have missed you!

PEA said...

Last week I had to bring mom to her phone company's office because she was being charged way over the price she had been quoted...ends up she couldn't get that price because the promotion had ended so the girl never should have quoted that price! Grrrr!! I wish phone companies would just be honest and not keep screwing its customers:-(

It's amazing what you've done with the trailer already, it really looks great! Just such a shame the previous owners hadn't taken care of it.

Hope you had a fun time at the geo-caching pot luck. Looking forward to hearing all about it:)

Have a great trip to NC!! xoxo

KathyG said...

Patty, You guys did a wonderful job! The house looks great! You have made it a home. Love the chickens sister Kim always has chickens and roosters in her kitchen...=o)

PS: It is a known fact that if the axles have been removed from your "mobile home", it is no longer "Mobile" and is considered a stationary house!...At least in NC it is...?

Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

So glad you're back! You've been missed.

You did a wonderful job repairing and decorating. I know it must have been a lot of work, but so worth it.

Hope you enjoy your weekend.

peppylady (Dora) said...

Sorry it took me so long to get over and I'll be marking this blog.
Great pictures.

Coffee is on.

KathyA said...

I love the before and after pictures! I can tell how hard you've been working!

Enjoy your visit!

ain't for city gals said...

Hi Patty, I came over from Kathy A's blog...I truly believe any place can be cleaned up and fixed up..;and it looks like you are doing just that!..the main thing is that you feel safe. looking forward to reading your future and past posts...

Sharon said...

Hi Patty I came over from Pea's Corner. I enjoyed reading your blog.
You have done a great job on your home.
We lived in a trailer park and I hated to see how people let their homes go. We moved ours out to an acreage 5 years ago and we love our home better out there and we can do what we what to do for yard work.
It is snowing here a late spring blizzard.
I hope that you will stop by and I will stop by again too.

Ruth said...

Hi Patty - long time no speak! Your new home looks lovely and cosy. I have a new blog too at so come and visit me soon.