Friday, April 1, 2011

Where did it go

Spring played tricks on us this year. It came for a quick visit then ran back into a cold dark cave somewhere to sleep awhile. In it's place came rain and cold. Brrrr. When we bought the trailer we knew that the heat and air was not working. In its place are several electric heaters. This work great and keep us nice and cozy, Hopefully the window unit that is in our bedroom for air and the ceiling fans will work equally well for summer. If not we are going to be wishing for the cold cave. On the bright side I have flowers coming up in the yard. Since this is our first spring here I have no idea what they are other than some kind of bulb planted and forgot about by the previous owners. I suspect in the next few days (If Mr. Sunshine ever decides to join us again) that they will bloom.  I work tomorrow, but then I am on vacation for about 9 days. I have some daffodil bulbs I got from my mom and plan on putting them along the side of the trailer closest to the street, then plant some gladiolas in the flower bed. Hopefully this time next year we will be a sea of beauty in the "hood".
Also we have plans to do a little geocaching this weekend. If your not sure what that is look it up at We have so much fun with it, and it keeps us on our toes trying to find these treaures. We are trying for our 100th find. I will let you know how we do


KathyG said...

Patty, I'm only a little further South than y'all are in VB, but we only get a "hint" of spring here. We have 4 seasons; about 3 months of autumn with blessings of high blue skies and warm sun shining on gardens full of pumpkins, squash and tomatoes...Then winter,whether a semi-arid cool down with night frosts or heavy snow with temps in the 10's-20's which lasts from Christmas through January. But sometimes it sneaks in a cold patch of spring snow in April. Then we have spring...the most changeable time of the is 15 degrees at night with light frosts and 38 during the day with gray skies and rain...That's on Tuesday. Wednesday it is 44 overnight (yes warmer that the daytime hours) and 79 during the day. Friday with be 55 and thunderstorms come in...Spring is so much fun! This lasts for about 2 1/2 to 5 weeks, then it is summer!!! And Summer means the temp jumps from 50's to 80's and above and stays there...with rain, thunderstorms, tornadoes, lovely hail and Dog Days in July & August. I love the mountains in NC! Never know what you are going to get! LOL

Cindy Wimmer Muse said...

I always love the surprise of an unknown bulb or seed that grows in my yard. Of course now these little purple flowered trees that are popping up all over (weeds) are not in that category. They do have their own kind of beauty I suppose but not when you are expecting that carpet of green know as grass is suppose to be in its place. Have a great day and continue enjoying your home.