Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer is flying

Can you believe this weekend is the fourth of July weekend? The summer is flying by. Other than the trip to Gettysburg nothing much is happening around here except work and sleep. We do find time to do some geocaching, but after what happened last weekend we are putting certain area's on hold until winter when the bugs die. Unfortunately we managed to find a nest of Chiggers, or I should say they found me. Just look at my back and under arms. I am eat up with bump. I have bites where I shouldn't have bites and won't talk about in polite company.
The bumps are slowly getting better, but now I have scabs and bad bruising from the intense itching especially around the top of my thighs and tummy area. If you saw my there you would swear someone had beat me. Needless to say we won't get around any more bushes, woods or pine needles for a long time. And no we were not naked in the woods ha ha. I had just failed to spray myself down with bug killer. I laid down on the pine straw to search for a container in some thick bushes..
Ok enough on that. I am sure everyone is itching by now..ewwww

Did I tell you we got a kitten? I think I might have mentioned it in a previous post. His name is Smokey and he is about three months old. The people across the street from us have the mommy and they were/are living outside.He has adjusted well to being an inside cat as you can see from the photo below.

Him and our other cat Bella have finally become friends and sleep and play well together. Speaking of sleeping my daughter and I talked last night about my youngest grandson. It seems he is going through a very bad stage. He is throwing temper tantrums every evening and she is really having a hard time settling him down for bed. He is 16 months now and has had a real problem adjusting to day care this last few months since she went back to work. I feel so helpless not living close to her now. It takes me about an hour to get to her so I can't just pop in and help with the kids.  On the bright side she plans on bringing the kids out to see me this weekend. We will probably have a early 4th of July bbq and just relax and hang out. I hope all of you will have a great weekend too, and I will try and update again soon.

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Deborah Wilson said...

Patty, the kitten is beautiful!

I know that you have been miserable with the insect bites - they are terrible this time of year. Keep a can of OFF at all times!